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Welcome to GMR

This page is dedicated to God's leaders all over the world, along with those that have a heart to support them. 

As you navigate this website, you will discover that you are not alone in the work that you do. 

There are millions of ministers, just like you, working daily in the trenches, and paying the price of the call. 

Stay connected with a global perspective of what God is doing and discover that you are a part of something bigger than you could imagine - you are a part of the apostolic movement.

Sharing Our Heart

The conception of GMR began as we started our journey into full-time ministry.

Under the covering of Apostles Craig and Colette, our spiritual parents, we began training God's mighty warriors from our Ministry Center in San Diego. We soon realized that many of God's warriors felt isolated and that it was hard to find meaty teaching and training at the fivefold office level.

So many have the fire and the genuine call, but lacked the support and resources to launch out into the deep.

Along with training, these mighty warriors needed a sense of belonging, a sense of being connected, the skills to launch out, and finances to do the work of the ministry.

At the heart of GMR, is the drive to supply God's mighty warriors with the resources needed to do what God has called them to do.

Nathan and Chaifa Berry
Apostles and Founders
Global Ministry Resources

Making Your Mandate a Reality

In a nutshell, we are a resource ministry. Our passion can be listed in three points: 

  1. To launch ministers/ministries into the field
  2. To sustain and support ministers through teaching, encouragement and financial support
  3. To propel ministers to the next level in their call

To achieve this, we do so in three avenues:

  1. Providing financial support for full-time ministers in the field
  2. Distribution of The Watering Hole - a magazine publication of the utmost quality fivefold ministry teaching
  3. Live ministry training in our Ministry Center in San Diego, California

We do all of this through the faithful support and love gifts of contacts like you, who desire to be a blessing to God's warriors. 

Every love gift that comes in, goes directly into the work of the ministry and into providing for the daily needs of full-time ministers and their families. 

A Personal Catch Up

In celebration of my birthday tomorrow, our team got together and sent us on a 5 day trip to Austria. We are already in Switzerland so we hopped in the car and in just 4 hours, we were well on our way and settled in a quaint Austrian guesthouse surrounded by the Alps. It was quite a thing to look in every direction and be surrounded by a wall of snow capped mountains.

While beautiful it also made me think about how impossible things look sometimes. The Lord tells us that if we have enough faith, we can tell that mountain to go into the sea - sometimes though when you are staring up at that mountain, your faith feels very very small in comparison!

This year Craig and I faced many such mountains. We also had some really good times! Two daughters were married and we saw the work in Europe and South Africa really take off! However we also saw some tough times. This year was also the strongest financial attack we ever faced. 

Sometimes I find it contradictory. This year we reached more people, mentored more people and changed more lives than any of the years before. Yet at the same time the warfare increased and the attacks were off the charts.

I am sharing this with you, because I want you to know just how much your giving and your love has meant to us during this time. To this day I am quite uncomfortable talking about money. Growing up as a PK it is a subject that was flogged to death until I just could not hear it any longer. 

But I realize that you are our friends. You walk this road with us and we want you to know that when we have felt weak, that your prayers and your giving have made us feel strong again. While AMI is a ministry that trains and mentors, when you peel the many layers back of who and what we are... we are, above all, a family.

If there is one thing that burns in Craig and I, it is to give God's people a place to belong. To help you realize your destiny and to fulfill your piece in God's plan. Our most fulfilling moments this year have been to see our spiritual children go out and fulfill their purpose. It has been to meet many of you and to see the seeds we have sown in your lives bear fruit. THIS is why we do what we do. 

If I never take the pulpit again or reach the masses, my greatest accomplishment is to be found in the ministry, principles, love and teaching that I invest into you! 

So as you are thrust headlong into the Christmas season, please know we are right there with you. We realize that for many people this is a very hard time of year. This year people have lost their homes and loved ones. So to help out, our phone lines will be open. Craig and I have mobilized our entire team across all our ministry centers to put in some extra effort to pour out to anyone that has a ministry need.

As a partner, you are welcome to call in our usual hours on the number below. HOWEVER.... from the 15th-22nd of December we are taking ministry calls from 9am-2am (P.S.T. California Time) EVERY SINGLE DAY for that full week. 

So if you need encouragement or to get some direction, one of our ordained ministers can be found on the other side of our lines (number below).

In just a few days we will be boarding another plane to return to San Diego. From then, things are going to get busy, because in 2018 we will be making a lot more investment in California and we hope to be able to see you live at our ministry center! 

There is a lot that needs to be done next year, but for now, let us meditate on the seeds God has invested into our lives this year and work on tearing up the mountains in front of us, because before we know it, the next season will be upon us!

Love and blessings,

Craig and Colette Toach
Apostles and Spiritual Parents
Apostolic Movement International

P.S. Here are our ministry line phone numbers: 

U.S. : 760 466 7256 

South Africa: +27-63-033-3884                      


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