• 13 Oct 2017 12:18 PM | Craig Toach (Administrator)

    This is Denise Jordan, reporting to you live from the ministry trenches over here in Benoni, South Africa. Wow - I am speechless at what God has been doing here since Apostles Craig and Colette Toach set foot on African soil in September.

    I have a lot to share with you though, so let me get over being speechless and tell you what God has been up to. The best way I can describe what has taken place here, is the picture of an avalanche! 

    The Avalanche Unleashed - The Fruit of Your Investment

    Have you ever seen an avalanche in action? It starts out with just a small amount of snow getting loose and rolling down a mountain, and it ends up to be a powerful, destructive force! This is what God is busy doing to the kingdom of darkness over here in Africa.

    I want you to realize that without you, this avalanche would never even gone off. You have invested your time, heart, prayers and finances into what God is doing here through AMI, and I want you to see the fruit of your investment. 

    From healing broken hearts and bringing rest to much striving while Apostles Craig and Colette were ministering in Namibia, to challenging the apostolic leaders in South Africa to pay the price, God has not left anything untouched.

    Apostle Colette's challenging message on being Called, Set A Part and Commissioned as leaders this past Saturday at an AMI meeting, put the cherry on top! If you want to get a live taste of that, check out the live stream recording on our facebook page at:

    Leaders have been called to accountability and a new season has been decreed over the land here. A new day is dawning for the Church in Africa.


    An Invitation to Put Dynamite to More Avalanches

    It's now time for us to build upon the ground that was broken and the change that has started. In the spirit the snow is falling wildly!

    You know what they used to do up in the mountains in Switzerland, where I grew up when the snow fell heavily? 

    They would send helicopters up high into the mountains where potential avalanches would go off, and they actually put dynamite to those hot spots so that the avalanches would go off in a controlled manner. 

    This allowed the mountain rangers to know exactly what needed to be done. Instead of waiting for nature to take its course, they could be very deliberate in how they wanted the avalanches to go.

    This is what I see God is asking us to do here now. An avalanche started. The snow is falling heavily and God is moving. We now need to get involved with the leaders we connected with, and we need to take dynamite to the kingdom of darkness and cause more avalanches.

    Apostles Philip and Anja Sager, the Resident Apostles of the work here in South Africa, are making plans to expand the live training schools and also to host many more workshops in local churches.

    So I want to invite you to join hands with us. Will you help us set dynamite to the mountains and start more avalanches?

    If you want to join us, we crave your prayers, and we ask for your financial support. Going out there into the churches requires finances - you know how it is, you are a leader. Fire, passion, direction and love are key, but financial means are necessary. 

    So if God puts it on your heart to give a love gift, know that it will go straight to supporting the teams that are sent to extend the move of God all over the world.

    We appreciate your continual support and want you to know that you are changing the Church with every bit of love that you pour out.

    I will be sure to report to you regularly as to what the Lord is doing. For now though, I need to get back to making sure those avalanches reach their target.

    I have added some pictures to this newsletter so that you may see a bit more clearly just exactly what mighty move of God you are a part of.

    Until next time, be very blessed!

    In His Love,

    Denise Jordan
    Apostle and Team Member
    Global Ministry Resources


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  • 6 Oct 2017 11:49 AM | Craig Toach (Administrator)

    Your GIFTS for October!

    It's a NEW month! That means you get a new and exclusive teaching, as a gift from Apostles Craig and Colette!

    They LOVE pouring out to those who appreciate GOOD and hearty teaching and that support us financially. So, they asked me to let you know that for the month of October, they would like to gift you with TWO teachings on a topic that is very dear to their hearts - Spiritual Parenting.

    No matter where they go in the world, one thing remains true - there is a cry and a groaning all over the world, for the heart of a Father. This new generation is in need of real parents who would take them under their wing and pour into them, what they need for their calling. The anointing is transferred easily and the gifts of the spirit are quickly gained, but the foundation that a mother and a father lays in the heart of a mighty warrior, is a commodity that is not readily available... until now.

    God is raising up Spiritual Parents for this new generation of warrior. Perhaps you feel the tug in your heart, as God brings you more sheep? Perhaps you are an orphan looking for spiritual parents? Know that you are part of this movement and the reason for the restoration of spiritual parenting.

    The Two Teachings you Will Receive Are:

    1. Spiritual Parenting Vs. Mentorship (MP3 Download)

    There is a line between the two - discover the difference between mentor and spiritual parent. Smash your ideas of what it means to do both and gain a new perspective. PLUS - Spiritual Children vs. Apostolic Children: Identify who's who!

    2. Restoration of Spiritual Parenting - Lesson 03 of the Apostolic Mandate Course (YouTube Video)

    What spiritual parenting looks like and the purpose God has for it. Is God calling you to be a spiritual parent? Discover the price that you will pay and the rewards that come afterwards.

    What I know about my parents is that there is ONE title that they boast in, above the rest… that is the title of "Mom" and "Dad." As you listen and watch, may you pick up the anointing that flows through them, and start pouring it out on to those the Lord brings your way.

    How to GET your TWO gifts:

    To receive these two teachings, simply give a love gift (this month), of the amount you decide in your heart. When your love gift goes through, you will receive an instant email, with the links to BOTH of the teachings above.

    ***If you are already giving monthly, you can simply wait until your recurring payment goes through. Once it goes through, you will receive both teachings in your email, right away.

    Something EXTRA Special:

    For those that give $50 or above, the Apostles want to give you something extra special, in addition to the two teachings above. Apostle Colette has recently finished her new book, The Staff of Moses. We have not officially launched it yet, so you would be one of the first to get your hands on it. This is a book about the apostolic type that gets the pattern and the price that he pays. Not for the faint of heart, this is a GIFT with a priceless value. We've updated the title from Moses Mandate to The Staff of Moses, but the content is exactly the same.

    U.S. Residents: For all who give $50 or above, we will ship you the The Staff of Moses to your home.

    Non U.S. Residents: For all who give $50 or above, we will send you the E-book of The Staff of Moses. This is because we would not be able to cover the international shipping fees.

    What Next:

    There is only one thing left to do! To give your love gift and start listening and watching now, click here to give ONCE:

    OR click here to give monthly:

    If you would rather call in to give your love gift, we will be delighted to hear from you. The GMR team is happy to help you at 760 466 7256 (9 am - 5 pm, PST, Monday - Friday).

    With Love and Blessings,

    Nathan and Chaifa Berry
    Resident Apostles
    Global Ministry Resources



  • 5 Sep 2017 9:54 AM | Craig Toach (Administrator)

    I never feel ready every time God gives us a new commission. So as Craig and I prepare to fly out to Africa in a week, I feel an even greater sense of being emptied for something great. We are stepping into a level of spiritual warfare that we have not faced before and although we have prepared our hearts, the truth remains - it is for God to show up!

    We cannot change the heart of a single person. In ourselves - we cannot cast out any demon or take down any work of the enemy. No, we can just stand in faith and in His name and trust Him to do the work. So we step out in the fear of God and with a passionate love to see His people changed.

    I find that each time I am so empty, God does not fail to fill me up and pour me out in the moment He needs me. I firmly believe that He takes special delight in emptying me just to prove again and again that it is by His grace and His glory that we are able to do any of what we do.

    Craig and I touch African soil on the 14th of this month and have our first event on the 16th. On the 21st we fly out to Namibia where we will be teaching on the prophetic, and by His grace, rooting out some of the demonic bondages in the church there. From the time we fly out, we are instituting a 24 hour prayer amongst our AMI Team and spiritual family and we invite you to be a part of this. We are calling it a Prayer March.

    We are not foolish, we know very well that we are not able to do this work alone. We are a family and God gave us to one another so that we could take this land TOGETHER! So we are inviting you to be a part. Usually this is a private affair that we do amongst ourselves, but you are part of this vision as much as we are. So we invite you to join round the clock prayer and intercession for this venture from the 12th - 26th September.

    Leading this Prayer March will be Apostle Chaifa Berry. She will be co-ordinating all the prayer warriors and keeping everyone in the loop of what the Holy Spirit is saying and the progress we are making as we step out.

    You have all been so generous to give us your financial support and this touches our hearts so much. This time though we covet your prayer support. To help us break ground in the spirit! To send forth decrees that will bring God's plan to earth.

    Let us do what we were ALL called to do... to stand in UNITY! To be a united force against the work of the enemy and a tool in the hand of God to bring His plan to pass in this season.

    We will be keeping you posted, but for now, if you would like to participate, please simply answer back to this email or give us a phone call on our dedicated Partnership Line. Apostle Chaifa will be on the other end to take your details, time shifts of when you can pray and how the Prayer March is going to be organized.

    The phone number to reach us at is: 760 466 7256 (9 am - 5 pm, PST, Monday - Friday).

    We so look forward to joining forces with you and seeing the miracles that God will bring about in this time!

    Sending you our love and blessings,

    Craig and Colette Toach
    Apostles and Spiritual Parents
    Apostolic Movement International

  • 31 Jul 2017 12:15 AM | Craig Toach (Administrator)

    I know that the Holy Spirit hooked us up! You have a fire to do something REAL in the Body of Christ and together we are crazy enough to think that we can actually be a part of this incredible apostolic movement that the Lord is releasing on the Church.

    With that being said, Craig and I want to give you a caffeine boost for your ministry right now! I know that none of you expect anything in return when you give to us. I also know how much it COSTS YOU to invest. So we want to share what we can with you as well!

    So this month, we are going to be INVESTING INTO YOUR CALLING! We put together 5 meaty classes to give you the spiritual boost you need right now in your ministry.

    There is nothing more frustrating than hitting a plateau or asking the Lord "WHERE TO NOW!" So for everyone that invests into the work this month, we will be emailing you the links for all 5 classes.

    Perhaps by now you are beginning to understand why we called our partnership program Global Ministry Resources. Take three guesses what the vision is about... :) You got it! This is not just a way to support ministers in the work, but also to give YOU what you need for your calling and ministry.

    We know what it means to walk the road alone. We know the rejection you face when you do something different. Above all, we really do know the spiritual warfare you face when you try to step out and just do what God told you to do.

    So please let us help! Please let us bless you back, ok?

    For those who give monthly, simply wait for your love gift to go through and you will automatically be sent the links for these classes. For those that give as the Holy Spirit leads, you are welcome to invest any time you feel led and we will send you the links.

    The Secret Mission

    NOW - before I leave you - just one more "behind the scenes info." ALL LOVE GIFTS will be invested right back into something very dear to our hearts.

    Craig and I will be going on our next missions trip to Africa in a month and a half. Our next visit will be to Namibia - a trip we have been planning for a year now. We are heading into some spiritual darkness, to bring the light of the knowledge of God, in the face of Jesus Christ!

    Spiritually, Namibia is currently under attack from A LOT OF false prophets. They are flooding the churches with a message where members are manipulated to giving finances. Where members are taught that God will not heal them unless they give or unless they partake in certain rituals that are completely demonic.

    The sad truth is that these children of God are SO HUNGRY for just a word from Jesus, that they take it. They are so desperate for just a drop of spiritual water, that they will even drink contaminated rivers to get a taste of Him. So we are going with a clear mission.

    We are going to teach them to hear God for themselves. We are going to show and teach them how they can draw from the rivers of living water right inside their own spirits. They do NOT need to run to the nearest prophet for "a word." They do NOT need to eat snakes or drink poison to "get healed." Jesus stands right there with His arms outstretched to His people and we are praying with all our hearts, that the Holy Spirit will empower us to open their eyes and bring them into a face to face relationship with Jesus.

    So please guys - we covet your prayers. We covet your support. As we step out with our team, your backing means the world to us. When we go, I feel like we have a spiritual army behind us, preparing the way in prayer and breaking the back of satan in this region.

    As always, we will be keeping you posted. This is just a bit of what you are a part of and we want you to know that every cent you send, will be for us like the loaves and the fishes that Jesus could multiply for the needs of the multitude. 

    I could go on with what burns in my heart here. When I feel the heart of Jesus for His people, I am crushed in my spirit, to see them lost, broken and led astray. We burn to do something about it. To go where God sends us. So thank you. Thank you for being a part and thank you for sharing our fire.

    With Much Love and Blessing

    Craig and Colette Toach
    Apostles and Spiritual Parents
    On behalf of Global Ministry Resources

    P.S. Here is the list of classes that we are investing into you this month. We will be reaching out to you again soon to see if you have any questions and please, do not forget that you can call in any time to share, get direction or simply a word of encouragement ok?

    We have a phone line for PARTNERS ONLY! So please take advantage of this and get the resources you need to play your part in the Kingdom. Our phone number is: +1 (760)-466-7256 (9am - 5 pm, Monday - Friday, PST)

    Spiritual Caffeine Boost Classes:

    Class 1: The DNA of Man - Breaking Temperaments Down

    Class 2: The Teaching Anointing

    Class 3: Prophecy, Decree, and Spiritual Birthing

    Class 4: The Rules of Leading Worship

    Class 5: Spiritual Warfare - The Rules of Engagement

    To give your love gift and receive the links to the 5 classes, give here:

    Click here to give once

    Click here to give monthly

    Events. Please follow our events over here:

  • 13 Jun 2017 1:33 PM | Chaifa Berry (Administrator)

    Today, I am writing this note to you from Baja California, Mexico. In just 4 days, our eldest daughter, Deborah-Anne, is getting married and before things get even crazier, we wanted to touch base with you quick with some VERY EXCITING news!

    We have booked the flights for Philip and Anja Sager, and their two little boys! YES! The work in South Africa is about to explode and with the tickets in hand, they will leave shortly after the wedding. The Lord is already opening up doors there!

    In fact, at the end of September we will be having a seminar in Namibia. Now what is amazing about this trip is that although the Sagers are from Switzerland, Anja's great-great-grandfather was a missionary to Namibia. In fact, he did such a big work there that the villagers in the region he ministered to erected a statue of him. Can you imagine how these people feel - after all these years - that his great-great-granddaughter is following in his footsteps?

    When we made these plans for Africa, we had no idea about this fact, but it really got me thinking about something. You know we always look at generational curses and the bondages that are passed on. But then I am reminded that the blessing of the Lord is for a thousand generations! His blessing is stronger than any work of the enemy! So the steps we are walking right now - the steps YOU ARE PART OF - are so clearly lead of the Lord.

    To say that Craig and I are excited about the steps ahead is an understatement, but I do want to say this - we feel your support and it means the world to us. When we step into the unknown like this, feeling your love and support gives us so much strength.

    So thank you so much guys. Thank you for pouring in your finances to help drive this vision forward. Thank you for your prayers that have put the wind beneath our wings. Most of all though, thank you for your love, because this is the greatest treasure of all we that receive from you.

    Now before I go and run around with more wedding preparations, I wanted to say that I will be posting pictures on my personal Facebook page, if you want to be up to date on our crazy week here in Mexico. Our ministry team is from all over the place and although it is a wedding, it is very much an A.M.I. Event with a lot of laughter and the Lord in the center of it.

    So join us on Facebook and follow the fun! -

    Love you guys so much and we pray you have an amazing week! 

    Craig and Colette Toach
    Apostles and Spiritual Parents

    P.S. To give a love gift, go here:

  • 16 May 2017 11:16 PM | Anonymous


    You have always been held to a higher standard. More has always been expected of you. You've always been "intense" to all those around you, caring more about the kingdom of God than you care about family politics and the friends that you can gain.

    When everyone else can get away with doing whatever they would like, you just cannot shake the fact that you are doing what you know is wrong to do. Even when you do try to get away with doing something wrong, you are quickly called on it.

    "It is not fair!" you have said time and time again. "I always seem to be the one taking the blame. I am wearing the load of responsibility. What about them, Lord? Why don't you get on their cases?"

    Because they are not apostles - YOU ARE! To whom much is given, much is also required.

    This is who God made you to be!

    Just when you try to change so that you are not too intense or so that you do not rock the boat too much, the Lord comes to you and says, "Who made man's mouth?! Since when does the clay tell the potter how it must be and what it must look like?"

    The hand of the Lord has, since the day you were born, been heavily upon you and you have been formed for an apostolic work that is greater than you realize.

    You've had your time in the wilderness. You've endured your fair share of heartache and rejection. Now, the Lord comes to you with your apostolic charge - It is time to lay down the pattern that you have received from the Father.

    All the visions, revelations, mountain experiences with the Father, they were not just for nothing! Apostle, it is time to put the pieces together and to lay a foundation!

    To help you begin this process and fulfill this mandate, we want to support your call with some teachings to train you for this work that lies ahead of you. What we want to offer you today, has NEVER been made available to the public before, but has been solely reserved for students until this point.

    For anyone who gives a donation (via, investing into other ministers just like yourself, from May 18 to May 22, we will be pulling out our big guns and investing some of our resources that we worked hard to put together - right back into you! For your love gift, you will receive 8 FREE MP4 messages!

    Get your donation in, apostle, and let us come together and each lay the pattern that God has put on our hearts, so that this picture can come together and the church may stand in the splendor and glory of the Father!

    You can make your investment here:

    With Love and Blessing,

    Nathan and Chaifa Berry
    Servants and Apostles
    Global Ministry Resources

    The Apostle's Treasure

    Never-Before Published!!!

    These messages are GOLD in the hands of anybody with an apostolic calling. A new season has began and we've made it our personal goal to reach as many apostles as possible, and to give them what they need.

    From May 18 - May 22, anybody who gives a Love Gift to the ministry (of the amount the Lord leads you to give), will receive these 8 MP4 messages for FREE. We encourage you to share it with all your friends and family. If you know of an apostle, help us reach them by putting these teachings in their hands!

    Give Your Love Gift Now

    8 MP4 Messages Included:
    (Internet connection required)

    1. The Prophet in the Universal Church
    An apostle is not an apostle, without a prophet. You're about to discover that this relationship is vital to your success. Learn how to work with a prophet and nurture this relationship.

    2. Categories of the Prophet
    Prophets are not created equally! Elisha, Elijah, and sons of the prophet - identify the signs of each one. Discover the types and know what you can and cannot expect from each one.

    3. Spiritual DNA and Spiritual Parenting
    Apostles are called out of their "tribes" to start a new nation. What does the good spiritual parent look like vs the bad? Discover the truth about spiritual parenting and how the apostle does it.

    4. Group Projects and Anointed Organization
    Anointed structure and organization. It is not enough to hear from God and receive a pattern, you've got to have the ability to organize, structure, and make that pattern work.

    5. Displacement Warfare
    The highest kind of warfare there is - the apostle is responsible for making sure there is a NEW pattern in place, so that God's people do not return to the old. Displacement warfare goes beyond tearing down strongholds, it means building new ones.

    6. Mentorship Basics
    Every apostle needs to know how to mentor. However, you cannot go around mentoring everybody, and you need to push through to the end. Find out who you SHOULD be discipling and discover all the "Do's" and "Don'ts" to mentorship. Think you're a good mentor? Find out how you fare in this message.

    7. Leading Intercessory Prayer
    There are prayer warriors, and then there are mobilized armies. As an apostle, you don't just pray, you have an organized prayer army, birthing, interceding, and doing warfare at the highest level.

    8. Leader, Shepherd, Servant, Pastor
    The essentials to good leadership. Tick these off one by one and see if you qualify.

    Give Your Love Gift Now

  • 15 Jun 2015 9:30 AM | Anonymous


    I do not think that I am the only person in the world to have suffered lack. Working in the business part of the ministry I see many believers who struggle in their finances. This ignites a fire in me! Being a prophet, you can well imagine how passionate I can get when God lights a fire in me.

    In the last while as I have been in prayer, I have seen a thunderstorm and pictures of heavy rain falling on God’s people. I know that the Lord is getting ready to do something amazing.

    It burns in me to see you rise up and succeed, to see the shackles of lack break off you. It is time to start seeing that flood in your own life today.

    Perhaps you are struggling to truly believe that God desires for you to be blessed, just as I used to struggle to believe it? Perhaps you even know in your mind that God desires to bless you, but you just cannot seem to shake the doubt or the bad thoughts that come, that sound like,

    “If I suffer with the Lord and be patient in this time of lack, then I will reign with Him.”

    “If I could just pray enough, then I will be blessed.”

    “If I fast enough, God will move and I will finally get a breakthrough.”

    Don’t Believe the Lies

    You do not have to listen to these words. You do not even have to believe the doctrines of the past that lead you to accept that. Do not entertain these thoughts for another moment. These words are like strangers offering a child a piece of candy on a street corner.

    It is a trap to get you to come close and take of those lies and be snatched up by the enemy and to have your faith be drowned out by doubt, fear and depression. Remember that the Word says that the blessing of the Lord makes rich and adds no sorrow.

    God Longs to Bless You

    God’s blessing is like a natural mother or father giving their child a gift. Those parents give that gift and they receive joy because of the smile on their child’s face when they open up that gift.

    They are thrilled because the child is so happy that the child cannot stop smiling and running around the house in amazement. If a natural parent is so happy how much more do you think the Lord is happy when He sees His children smile?

    He loves you far more than you can ever imagine. He has so many treasures and blessings stored up for you and every time He gives you one, He cannot wait to give you another because of the excitement that He sees on your face and in your heart.

    He cannot wait to line up another blessing and send it straight to you because when you rejoice, it makes His heart glad and He begins to rejoice with you.

    Love gives!

    The love of our Father is in this famous scripture that we all know, even unbelievers know it too.

    John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. (NKJV)

    God loved the world so much that He GAVE. True love compels one to give of oneself to another. Think about anyone that you love so much that you would die for them. Do you love anyone like that?

    If so, then you are starting to get a feel for how much God loves you. Now, when you love someone so much that you would die for them, are you not also willing to pay any price to make them happy? Would you not go out of your way to give them the desires of their heart and put a smile on their face?

    Of course you would and so does the Lord do the same thing with you. He loves you so much that it is like the feeling that you have when you fall in love with someone. You cannot stop thinking about them.

    You are always wondering what they are doing. You want to know if they are happy and if there is anything more that you can do to make them happier.

    You want to hold them close to you and you would love to give them the whole world, if only you could. You extend them great favor and many courtesies. It is like the King saying to Esther, “Whatever you want will be given to you, up to half of the kingdom.”

    This is the type of favor and love that the Lord has for you. He will give you whatever you desire. He will bless you with good and perfect gifts that will make you stand out and shine brightly as the city set upon a hill that cannot be hidden.

    He Wants You to Prosper

    Are you still struggling to believe that God wants to bless you?

    3 John 1:2 Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers. (NKJV)

    There is no getting around it. God wants you blessed! How else can you be the salt of the earth and a light in this world? Who is going to receive light from you when you are like that lamp hidden under a table?

    You Are an Overcomer

    How can you be an example to the world when you are looking pitiful and defeated? Who is going to look up to you when you appear helpless and have no hope for a good future? No one wants to be a part of a family that is lost and a bunch of losers. However, thanks be to God because that is exactly what we are NOT!

    We are overcomers. We have weapons of warfare that are mighty in God and they pull down strongholds. We, believers, are like strong lions coming up against the enemy who is like a puny Chihuahua.

    Psalm 91:13 You shall tread upon the lion and the cobra, the young lion and the serpent you shall trample underfoot. (NKJV)

    God wants us to be lions trampling over adder. He wants us to live in a land flowing with milk and honey. He wants us to live as if we were back in the Garden of Eden where every need was supplied and where we were ruling and reigning in the earth over every creeping and crawling thing.

    How to Walk in Blessing

    Acts 16:25 But at midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the prisoners were listening to them.
    26 Suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken; and immediately all the doors were opened and everyone’s chains were loosed. (NKJV)

    Know the Truth

    God desires for us to be as Paul and Silas here. They sang praises to God even through the worst of times. Why? It was because they knew that God was still in control and that they were not helpless and hopeless. They knew that God loved them and that He would watch over them.

    Set Your Eyes on Christ

    It is time for you to truly see that God loves you and is itching for you to be blessed. All you have to do is turn your eyes back on Him and stop believing the lies of the enemy. When you set your eyes on the Lord and you put on a garment of praise, it is like entering into a hot-air balloon.

    Those hot-air balloons go up into the clouds and they make everything on land seem so small. You see things as you have never seen them before and all it takes is to be lifted up from the land a few thousand feet.

    It is the same in the spirit. You do not have to have a whole deliverance session or months of fighting your own thoughts and fears. You can simply put on a garment of praise and be lifted up.

    You can enter into the presence of the Lord and suddenly you will be surprised to see that your view has changed. Where you saw so much poverty and lack, you will see blessing and favor.

    Where you were overtaken with fear of sickness and disease, you will see that no such thing has license to come near you when you are walking in the spirit and in God’s blessing.

    Walk in the Light

    You do not have to struggle to get the darkness out of your life. When you enter into a dark room in your house, do you argue with the darkness for hours and tell it to leave? No. You just turn on the light and then the darkness is gone.

    It is the same in your spiritual life. If you are experiencing darkness in your finances, health, family or anything else, do not try to do all the right things and come up with all the right principles of overcoming – just get into His presence.

    Let His presence give you the view that you need in order to overcome. Let the light come on and bring you hope again. Perhaps, you always thought that you would struggle in life and that you would always live the way you do now?

    Now you can see that that is a lie from the enemy and you can continue to break free by simply focusing your attention on the Lord and allowing Him to change your view, until it becomes natural to think like Him.

    Your life is never going to be the same. Today, the Holy Spirit is going to begin to remove every old vision and lie of the enemy and He is going to give you His sight to see the way that you were always intended to see.

    With Love and Blessing,

    Nathan Berry
    Apostle and CEO
    Global Ministry Resources

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